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Discussion in 'General' started by elloydaz, Nov 3, 2009.

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    I have 3 sets of questions:

    I want to setup a ISPConfig cPanel system using 6 computers installed with openSuSe 11.2 plus, where:

    a.) 1x function as the webserver and webmail client (where squirrel mail is located)

    b.) 2x function as the name server

    c.) 1x function as the file server

    d.) 1x function as the primary ISPConfig cPanel (acct. management for all reseller account and their respective end-users), eMail Exchange server, and 'the trailing slash resolver' (pointing page request to the dedicated webserver)

    e.) 1x function as an additional web server, for other ops

    Question 1:
    How do I get ISPConfig cPanel to due this; where all uploaded webpages, incoming eMail messeges are stored on the 'mySQL ISPConfig cPanel equipped dedicated file server'. Currently all uploaded webpages and eMail reside in the '/srv' root directory of the respective server.

    Whats stored in the mySQL now, since all webpages and eMail messages are stored in the '/srv' root directory.

    I'm considering SME server for the file server to take advantage of the RAID functionality; is that feasible. Can SME server and ISPConfig cPanel co-exist on the same physical machine.

    Question 2:
    How do I get ISPConfig to do this; where rather than having all such services reside on a single physical server, spread it out across several. But, the computer denoted above as "d.)" must be the primary cPanel regarding account management, eMail Exchange Services, and 'trailing slash resolver' ;unless theirs better way of doing things available.

    The bottom line is if a end-user establish an account on server "d.)"; where a domain, subdomain, website (../web(x) ), and database where created (on its respective cPanel installation), can server "d." effect the necessary changes to all other physical servers in the system, via ISPConfig cPanel installed on those servers.

    Question 3:

    Is their additional documentation concerning ISPConfig functionality, deployment examples, and development ?

    Any assistance would be appreciated, thaxs in advance.
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    1) This has nothing to do with ispconfig directly. If you want to use a dedicated server for files, then you can use e.g. nfs to map its harddik to the webservers. Or you use a cluster filesystem like glusterfs.

    You should never install more then one controlpanel on a server.

    2) ISPConfig is a multiserver controlpanel, you can manage hundreds of servers from one controlpanel interface. Thats the purpose of the software.

    3) No. Nothing beside the installation manuals and a ot of examples here in the forum.

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