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    Thanks, Till, that makes a bit more sense, I think. Now that DNS has been reconfigured from mirrored by ISPConfig to BIND master/slave the only server that is updated in the Updated field is the master. Because the master notifies and allows transfers, it's not a change that increments the Updated field in the other ns servers. Is my understanding correct?

    Still trying to figure out how to clear the stuck changes in the red circle. If I check the jobqueue, it's empty.
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    It's the other way around. The slave nodes connect to the master once a minute and ask if there are new changes for them.

    Basically the slave node asks the master if there are any records records in sys_datalog for his server_id or server_id 0 where datalog_id is higher than the value in the updated field. the slave nodes then processes the changes in order (if any) and updates the updated field after each change with the datalog_id of the record that he just processed.

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