Setting up a forward that pipes to a command?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jerutley, Jun 12, 2006.

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    OK, so next in my quest to integrate ISPConfig into my existing setup is to integrate GNU Mailman. I've checked many of the existing posts on the forums about this, and they all recommend using the /etc/aliases file for Mailman. That's one thing I'm not exactly fond of, because what could end up happening is if one of my customers were to create an email address the same as one of my lists, that address wouldn't work, since the alias file would kick in first (I think).

    On my current setup, which is working, I use Exim as the MTA, with all email accounts contained within MySQL tables (search for vmail-sql if you want more info about my setup). In this setup, the mailman lists are just another set of forwarded emails, but instead of being sent to another address, they are piped to the mailman system (The destination is a pipe construct, not an address). Would it be possible to do something similar within ISPConfig - I don't necessarily want users to be able to set up their own mailing lists without my intervention in this case, but I *would* like to be able to set them up within the existing construct of ISPConfig.

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    I did this for a customer a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I don't remember anymore how I did it... Maybe I'll write a tutorial about it... ;)

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