Setting up a subdomain with a different IP address

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    Setting up a subdomain with a different IP address - SOLVED

    Please excuse what maybe to some a relatively simple request.

    I run ISPconfg 3 on a Debian server. I maintain a number of separate clients websites and email all on the same IP addresses. One client has asked me to set up a subdomain of and point it to a different IP address ( not my own ) using the A record> What is the best method to accomplish this and what commands ( such as dig ) could I use to check it is done.

    I am asking fo advice as I am not confident playing around with DNS zone files and dont want to mess up the existing set up. All help gratefully received.
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  2. till

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    Login to ispconfig, go to the dns manager, edit the zone were the subdomain shall be added, go to the records tab and click on the "A" button. Then enter:

    Hostname: supplies
    IP address: (enter the IP address here).

    You can test this with dig after you waited a few minutes:

    dig @localhost
  3. tedstockton

    tedstockton New Member

    thank you for your prompt response. That has worked for me. ( I was almost there )

    Should I add solved to the thread title?

  4. falko

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    Yes, that would be great. :)
  5. chaloum

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    just quickly do you just add the subdomain name in this case supplies or the full URL?
  6. tedstockton

    tedstockton New Member

    just supplies worked for me

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