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    I've seen it posted in small chunks and with bad explanations over and over again. This thread should be the end all to DNS hosting questions.

    It seems to be a popular topic. How in the hell do get my host name onto the internet so that people can type it and say, "Hey! Check out that guys totally sweet website!"

    In most cases, people are just like me and have ran through the ISPConfig 3 Perfect Server setup about 250 times and can type in the IP address from outside of the network and say, "Hey! My website is so totally sweet and gnarly awesome."

    But we're scratching our heads thinking, but... I want to use a name... not a number. :(


    This is where all you totally rad gnarly internet dudes explain! Let's kick the door down and get our host names on the magical world of the interwebs!!!

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand go! :D
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    Seeing as I don't have two external IP addresses (I guess it would require another phone line AND another Internet connection - something I can't afford) are there any websites that offer a service similar to that of freeDNS?

    That is, I've been using freeDNS for some time to forward a domain to my IP. Is there something that lets you forward a different IP to your real IP? Perhaps a better way to put it would be to create an alias of your external IP address...

    More to the point, even if a service like that DID exist, would it even work for nameservers? I'm assuming you wouldn't be able to create two nameservers on the same local network, but I can dream at least...

    I just thought that it might be easier to simply create a "virtual" network interface on the server, so instead of having two external IPs I would have two local IPs on my server (eg and I'm sure this would enable me to create two nameservers on one physical server. Can someone confirm if it's likely to work, and what problems (if any) may occur if I was to use such a method? Thanks
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    That makes no sense as you still have only one public IP (and that's the IP that the clients use to connect), and your router can forward port 53 to just one local IP.
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    Yeah I thought about that later lol, bit of a blonde moment :p

    In the end I just set up my domain with the freeDNS nameservers and use that service instead.
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    On two small business servers (both not need-to-be-up pages) but mainly general file and email server I use to provide mapping. haven't had issues this far with that. You might want to have a look at that.

    They provide a script that I run through cron every 30 minutes. As the DSL internet connections only reset once a day you don't really notice anything.
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    Xname.Org - I use them with great success .. - Name servers reliable and free unless you really like them - then they ask for a donation. I use them ...

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