Setting up per vhost network bandwidth monitoring/throttling?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Richard Foley, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Richard Foley

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    hi all, I've followed the excellent guide to get my ispConfig3 set up and running nicely. Disk quota is being tracked correctly (as far as I can tell) for mail and FTP and web space. However, I don't see any tracking of network bandwidth, nor any way to limit the bandwidth usage once (for expample) it goes over a certain amount. Am I missing the obvious documentation for this? Is there a recommended solution to use with ispConfig3? Thanks in advance for any helpful assistance and/or tips.
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  5. Richard Foley

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    The good news: I've managed to get both monit and munin working on my ispConfig3 installation. and munin also visible from within the ispConfig3 framework / menu structure. Not gotten to the nginx stuff yet.

    The bad news: monit displays a blank page because of the embedded credentials referred to in this April 2018 post:

    It is of course possible to work with monit outside of the ispConfig3 frame, so this is not critical, but as this would make life a lot more intuitive/easier, is there is an update/workaround which fixes this within it, please?
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    I setup a /monit/ location which uses a reverse proxy to the monit server and uses certificate authentication rather than a username/password between the proxy and monit, and verifies the user by checking that the ISPConfig session cookie is valid. It's heavily apache specific though, but you could take the general design and implement it in nginx.
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    Sounds plausible, Jesse, I'll look into doing something like that. Thanks for the suggestion.


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