Setting up reverse DNS on an ISPConfig 3 server

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by dpicella, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. dpicella

    dpicella New Member


    I want to make sure I set up reverse DNS correctly for my domain/ip and DNS.

    Since it is not correct now, I get warning messages and ultimately I am afraid that my server may be recjected or blackballed from email providers that perform reverse DNS lookups.


    When I open an ssh session, I get:
    I am in control of my own DNS zones and records for my domains.
  2. dpicella

    dpicella New Member

    I think I need a PTR record but since I am new to DNS I am not sure if I add the PTR record to the zone or if I create a new zone ???
  3. pawan

    pawan Member

    I have had the same problem.

    PTR record is controlled by your ISP and it cannot be controlled by your DNS records.

    I got it changed from my ISP, which should resolve to my domain.

    with my experience I am sure, there is no other way, than to request your internet service provider to make the necessary changes in your PTR record.

    The same is only possible if you have a STATIC IP for your internet service.
  4. dpicella

    dpicella New Member

    I don't think so. I am in control of my own DNS zones and entries not the ISP. I Just don't have the experience to set up the PTR.

    Forward DNS resolves to an IP from a domain name. Reverse DNS resolves to a domain name from an IP.

    I am pretty sure I need to create an "" zone with the appropriate NS and PTR entries.

    Anyone familiar with this?
  5. dpicella

    dpicella New Member


    You I think you are right. dig -x my.ip.addr.ress

    Suggests that the PTR/CNAME records are set up by the ISP who controls the class C block. I think I will ask them to add my nameservers to the reverse dns zone for my block of ips. I think that is how it works.

  6. u4david

    u4david New Member

    still need more light on ispconfig3 and rpt

    I have my own DNS .Several domains on one ip , email server.
    Static ip.ISPCONFIG3 (i love it)

    How do i set up RTP so i do not get error lik ethis?
    "Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner"
  7. ACDII

    ACDII Member

    I am in control of my PTR and need help. I am not sure how to set it up in ISPCOnfig3.
  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    It's described in the ISPConfig 3 Manual.
  9. u4david

    u4david New Member

    Isp done it for me

    I did contact my ISP and told them to set up rDNS.
    I told them to point IP to my domain.

    So I ques that wont help if you are of control of that your self.
    But I wonder how come that you are in control of that?
  10. ACDII

    ACDII Member

    We own the address space. We are a VOIP provider who also provides internet services. We aren't really an ISP since we dont offer web or mail services, but we can handle DNS if requested.

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