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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Monotoba, Apr 7, 2014.

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    First, let me apologies if these questions have been answered elsewhere. I have spent plenty of time googling, experimenting, and reading Howtoforge but still have unanswered questions.

    Let me explain what I need to achieve: I run an Ispconfig3 web/mail/ftp server from home. I used the Ubuntu 12.04 perfect server setup with Apache/dovecot/pure-ftpd etc... from howtoforge. I recently had a hard disk crash and if it had not been that I also installed crashplan on the server and also back up to a NAS, I would have lost my sites. As it was my sites were down for several days as I installed a new hard drive and set the machine up in the evenings.

    So, I have purchased two new machines and wish to set them up running Ubuntu 12.04 Server as before. However, I want to use Unison for syncing all website files. I also want to sync all mail and database files. I will use ip switching in my router for switching during failure until I can setup a fail-over system.

    I expect that I need to:
    1. Setup a /data/ master directory
    2. Move mysql data, mail, and www folders to /data/ and copy all files with current permissions.
    3. Either set symbolic links from the original folders location to the location in /data/ or reconfigure mail, web, and ftp to use the new locations in /data/.
    4. Set unison up to to sync everything between the two new machines.
    5. Backup all my sites, mail, and databases on the current server and import them into one of the new servers.

    What else might I need to do or is this the wrong approach?
    Can I use unison to keep the mysql database files in sync or must I use mysql master-slave to do this? (Which is only one way updates, I really want two way updates).
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    your setup misses the config file and linux user sync. The nescessary setup is described here, the guide will work most likely for ubuntu 12.04 as well.

    you can use master/slave replication for mysql instead of master/master, but you have the problem with resynvcing when you have to switch back to the master. Unison will not work for mysql.
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    Thank You

    Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try.

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