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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Poliman, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Poliman

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    I created For it I have created aliasdomain - I would like to know is it possible to setup LE SSL cert for aliasdomain? Under DirectAdmin I have to create two separate domains, add LE for each and for this one which will be an alias create symbolic link to public_html directory of second domain, which is main. After this when I put in browser I have nice green padlock and when I put I have separate LE certificate and I see this same content which is from

    Currently when I check LE SSL and SSL options for I have strange thing. Browser shows part of another website under and this is without green padlock. Is it possible that LE certiificate generated for this domain on another server before changing dns provide this strange problem? Without checked LE SSL and SSL shows what should show.
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  2. Jesse Norell

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    ISPConfig will correctly handle a domain with another alias domain (it will request a single certificate with both names in it).

    The "PS" issue you mention might be due to a recent bug in 3.1.5, I'm not certain of the details, but if you're running 3.1.5, try running and updating from git-stable, then see if it's fixed.
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  3. Poliman

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    Hmm, unfortunately few days ago I did update from 3.1.4 and from 3.1.3 on another server to newest version of ISP. But two another websites, which were done before update to 3.1.5, have nice https with green padlock.

    I have warning after execute
    WARNING: The update from GIT is only for development systems and may break your current setup. Do not use the GIT version on servers that host any live websites!
    Should I really update it from git-stable, I am pretty sure I won't have system broken. ;)
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  4. till

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    Yes. git-stable, not git-master!
  5. Poliman

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    Yes, of course, only stable or git-stable version. :)

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