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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kameleon25, Jan 23, 2008.

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    I am reinstalling my ISPConfig after some idiot tried to root me and I have a few questions. When I had the system setup before I noticed I was unable to send mail from domains hosted on that machine to quite a few places. The ones that actually gave reasons was because I was trying to send mail from an IP that is part of a pool of dynamic IP's that belongs to a broadband provider. Well no crap. lol The thing is I work at an ISP (different from my internet connection) and I talked to our sysadmin and asked how to work around that without having a static IP. He said something about a trusted mailertable or something. That way I can do authenticated relaying through a different system. Now, note, I have had the same IP since I have had this service but yet it is "dynamic". I refuse to pay the $250 setup fee I would have to to get a static IP form my ISP also. So I am stuck trying to find a way to send mail.

    With all the people out there using ISPConfig on "residential broadband" connections there has to be a few that have it setup to handle mail properly with this issue. Any ideas?
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    Thank you till! I have searcehed for the how to on that and I guess I just did not know the exact terms to search for. ;) I must say you totally rock! Thanks again.

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