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Discussion in 'General' started by gbjbaanb, Sep 2, 2005.

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    I was wondering about the architecture of ISPConfig after installing it, specifically why some of the included packages are included with the setup and compiled.

    I know ISPConfig builds its own Apache and PHP setup, but why does it also build ClamAV and openSSL? Are these required to be special versions for the ISPConfig build, or would the system-installed versions be acceptable instead?

    I know that building from a known set of versions will make ISPConfig more stable, but when I did the install I had to 'yum install clamav' and compile zlib separately anyway.

    I was thinking this matters if I want to build a rpm for ISPConfig (my dream is to be able to install by typing 'yum install ISPConfig'... :) )
  2. till

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    I try to explain the parts:

    The apache and PHP are built to make shure to have a special feature set for the administration system. These apache and php are only used for the controlpanle backend, not for the hosted websites.

    SSL is needed, because we compile it into the controlpanel apache webserver.

    I think it is not nescessary to compile clamav, but we have done it to make it easier for everyone to install ISPConfig. If you see the problems in the forums, its not easy to built a controlpanel that works on so many different linux flavours and you dont see problems with ClamAV because we compile it in the installer :) If you want to run ISPConfig with ClamAV from your linux distribution, change the path to the clamav binary in the file isp/conf/trashscan.master inside the ISPConfig installer tar.gz before installing ISPConfig. (Or search the trascan files with locate when you have installed it already)

    A RPM install for ISPConfig would be a great enhancement! :)
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    ClamAV is compiled for a special directory, so the system's default ClamAV will not work. You can have a look at the file install_ispconfig/compile_aps/compile (after you've unpacked the ISPConfig tar.gz) to see the compilation options for ClamAV.

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