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  1. Nnyan

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    Sorry for the noob question could not find an answer for this.

    I need a shell script that I can run in cron that will search one or more folders for specified file(s) and delete them if they are older then (ex: ) 10 days.

    Thank you
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    Look up the documentation for find:
    man find
    You can for example search for files that were accessed (read) 10 days ago or more with:
    find . -name '*tmp*' -atime +9
    (Note that it's 9 not 10!)
    find . -name '*tmp*' -atime +9 -delete
    You delete them.

    You can just put that line directly into the cron or in a shell script if you have to.

    Note: "." is the current working directory. If you want to change it do so ;-).
  3. Nnyan

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    Thank you for the info, never knew you could put something like this right in the cron! I'm guessing I would have to put the complete path since I don't know what the current working directory would be for cron (if i put this right inside the cron).

    You've got me curious now can you actually run scripts inside cron? Are there any limitations to this?
  4. Nnyan

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    Ok when i enter this line;

    find . -name '*.tar.gz' -atime +9 -delete

    I get this error:

    find: invalid predicate `-delete'
  5. falko

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    Have a look at
    man find
    To create a cron job that runs your tasl at 05:00h each day (for example), run
    crontab -e
    (as root) and enter this:
    0 5 * * * find . -name '*tmp*' -atime +9 -delete
    Instead of just find you can use the full path to find, e.g. /usr/bin/find. Run
    which find
    to find out where find is on your system.

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