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Discussion in 'General' started by HostOnNet, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. HostOnNet

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    What is the purpose of shell user ? I created a shell user expecting i can do modification on the web site. But it look like shell user (jailed) can't access we site files.

    My web site files owner by user web1, group client0. Its safe to enable SSH for this user by changing shell for this user to /bin/bash ?

    I need SSH access to my web site, so i can run some commands.
  2. till

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    He can change the web files. simply go to the web directory with 'cd /web' on the shell and start editing or whatever you want to do. When you use jailed shell users, then the commands that you intend to use must be installed in the jail of course.

    No, especially as that's not nescessary as the website shell user you created has the exact same uid and GID so it has the exact same permissions of the web1 user and client0 group.

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