Should i take into consideration the comments made?

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by kn, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. kn

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    should i take into consideration the comments made for this howt-to:

    when i mean take into consideration, i mean follow the steps mentioned in the comments... and howtoforge says:

    "Please do not use the comment function to ask for help! If you need help, please use our forum. Comments will be published after administrator approval."

    If these comments have been approved by an administrator, why does the administrator of howtoforge doesn't writes (or updates) the how-to taking the comments into consideration and putting them in proper order? If i am not wrong, these how-to have been written for "linux newbies", i am stuck with these how to, i don't know which comment to take into consideration, or which one to ignore.

    If anyone has successfully get the spamsnake work with any kind of tweaks, please send me the steps required in proper order on [email protected]..

  2. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    Yes, you should post any questions regarding any how-to in the forums. This way, people will be able to help you.

    What step are you stuck on?
  3. kn

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    Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply.
  4. kn

    kn Banned

    Please find comments from page 1 till the last page, which one should I follow? The comments or the how to? If you have a working how to, please send me the required steps
  5. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    You should follow the how-to. When you come across an issue, if any, then you should post a question here and someone will help you, if not already answered in the comments.

    The how-to was written as I was doing the install. If something has changed or has been updated, I would not know unless I were to do a new install. I'll setup a vm and do a new install to address any changes that should be made. I'll update the guide accordingly.
  6. kn

    kn Banned


    Thank you for your prompt reply! i will wait for an updated doc.

    Correct me if i am wrong, i will be using the spamsnake for my domain name in the following scenario... i have a lotus domino server which in france with ip address

    i wil point my mx record to ""( which is the spamsnake, then after filtering emails, it should relay clean emails to my domino server which is, using the following commands on postfix

    postconf -e "transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport"

    Create /etc/postfix/transport and add the following: smtp:[]

    On lotus domino there is a setting under "incoming smtp" which is "prevent these hosts from anti-relay check" and here i'll put the spamsnake ip address i.e

    now i wish the domino server to send emails through the spamsnake, under domino again there is a setting for "use relay-host mta", and under it i'll put the spamsnake ip address i.e

    is there any settings under the spamsnake that will allow my domino to send emails through it?

    here is the scenario for incoming emails

    emails ---->> filter through spamsnake ( ----> relay clean emails to domino (

    outgoing emails

    lotus notes users emails -----> lotus domino server -----> relay the emails to the spamsnake (
  7. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    Below is what you're looking for to use the spamsnake as an outbound relay.

    If you'd like your SpamSnake to handle outgoing emails as well, be sure to add your local network to the list e.g. If your mailserver is and you only want to trust only that IP, add You just have to setup your mailserver to relay (smarthost) to your SpamSnake.

    Edit your and add the ip of your domino server to the above string.

    This person, cb1kenobi, a registered user here on the org has used the guide on a 64bit system. The only difference that I know of was the dcc configuration. You should shoot him a private message to find out if he had to do anything different. I highly doubt it though.
  8. kn

    kn Banned

    Okay i will send him a message! and from your side, if possible please send me an updated guide wether its on a 32bit or 64 bit system..
  9. kn

    kn Banned

    btw his last activity is "Last Activity: 28th December 2008 21:31"
  10. clipgangbloodgang

    clipgangbloodgang New Member

    Looking forward to see the result too.
  11. kn

    kn Banned

    Ahhh.. still waiting for the guide same same as you! i don't think we'll have it, because i have requested it so many times, and the topic was evaded...
  12. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    The topic wasn't evaded. I started working on an updated guide and possibly a vm at 5am this morning.

    It's based on Jeos, so it should be a bit smaller than a normal Ubuntu install.

    I still have a few more things to work out, but I should have it soon.

  13. kn

    kn Banned


    Jeos release 8.0.4 has a special kernel! Why don't you install a plain ubuntu 9.04 with only ssh? The how-to was meant for ubuntu 9.0.4, so why are you moving to jeos?

    I highly doubt about packages like spamassassin, mailscanner versions will differ..

    Could you please stick it onto ubuntu 9.04?
  14. kn

    kn Banned

    Hi Rocky,

    Any success in getting your vm work?
  15. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    SpamSnake Update

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm working on the new build, based on Jeos 9.10 (karmic). Jeos is specifically tuned to be used as the building block for vm's and requires less updates. It's very light and so far, I've had plenty success using it. I'm almost finished with the new build, and it will most likely be released as an appliance.

    Due to my day job, I'm only able to work on it part-time, whenever I'm in the office. So please have some understanding and be patient. Having just figured out the MailWatch installation, I should have it completed by next week.

  16. kn

    kn Banned

    "and it will most likely be released as an appliance."


    we don't need an appliance, we want the how-to (steps to follow for installing)..

    And Again thank you for your reply...
  17. kn

    kn Banned

    Any updates?
  18. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    The appliance is going great. I'm testing it currently and should have a release next week. The howto right now is in chicken bits, so it won't be ready.
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