Simplest way to switch from prefork to worker MPM?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by emil2k, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. emil2k

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    I'm trying to switch to worker mpm on my Centos 5 but in order to do so I have to step away from the yum :( and compile and install php and apache2 with the appropriate configurations ...

    I have been reading and following several tutorials like this one ...

    But I'm having several problems when I start compiling and installing myself ... I would appreciate any help, because I'm confused.

    When I compile PHP unless I use the --disable-all option there are tons of missing dependencies i.e. libxml, percl, mysql, and curl ... with all of them failing to install with some very general error like "There is something wrong, check the log" :confused:.

    For my site I need curl and mysql, but I'm completely unable to compile and install php? Is there something that I'm missing why is this so complicated.


    When I install the apache from the source that I download from the apache site, it is very different in the file structure from the one that I'm used that was installed with yum ... it is quite uncomfortable ... is there anyway to recompile the version that I get from yum with the necessery mod_so module?

    Thats actually another thing it says (httpd -l) that the yum apache version is compiled with mod_so which is necessery for compiling threadsafe php but when I try to compile php it says it is not? :confused:

    PHP is really giving me troubles if I could just recompile it with the --enabled-zts and left my old yum installed apache and just switched to worker from the config file it would make this a lot easier, but I can't compile it at all.


    Please help. Lost.
  2. falko

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    Are the devel packages of libxml, mysql, curl, etc. installed on your system?

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