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    Hi All,

    I have moved one of my ISPconfig servers to a new hardware. The server hosts a couple of sites but only one of them is currently active and used. The problem is that after i moved the server to the new hardware this site has become very very very slow, it's copied 1:1 from the old to the new server, no changes are made on the new after moving.

    So here is the situation:

    The server is moved according this tread

    Old server:
    hardware - Opteron 146, 512 RAM, 2x80 GB PATA HDD's
    software - Debian etch 32bit, RAID1, ISPconfig 2.2.11

    New server:
    hardware - Intel Core2 Duo E4500, 3GB RAM, 2x300 GB SATA HDD's
    software - Debian etch 64bit, RAID1, ISPconfig 2.2.19

    After moving the data and changing the settings, everything worked perfectly except that the site is very slow. On the old server i had done some apache/mysql optimizing, so i copied also my apache2.conf and my.conf 1:1 to the new server and restarted them - this did not helped at all. After that i have tried to optimize my old apache/mysql settings to the new hardware by raising up some values in the configs but that also did not helped at all.
    In the logs of mysql and apache there is nothing suspicious, and the server did not get loaded when users are browsing the site.
    When i try to access the site while i am watching the output of top i get following:

    top - 11:12:14 up 6 days, 23:53,  1 user,  load average: 0.10, 0.04, 0.02
    Tasks: 153 total,   1 running, 152 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
    Cpu(s):  5.5%us,  1.8%sy,  0.0%ni, 92.2%id,  0.0%wa,  0.5%hi,  0.0%si,  0.0%st
    Mem:   3059892k total,  3014640k used,    45252k free,    69976k buffers
    Swap:  2931768k total,       48k used,  2931720k free,  2577260k cached
    10749 mysql     15   0  378m  75m 5652 S    7  2.5  38:13.75 mysqld
     8390 www-data  15   0  233m  14m 5640 S    1  0.5   0:00.17 apache2
     8391 www-data  15   0  230m  12m 4332 S    1  0.4   0:00.15 apache2
     8434 www-data  16   0  231m  14m 5504 S    1  0.5   0:00.05 apache2
     8453 www-data  15   0  230m  12m 4328 S    1  0.4   0:00.03 apache2
     7710 root      18   0  2700  456  368 S    0  0.0   0:00.42 cronolog
     8177 www-data  15   0  233m  15m 5692 S    0  0.5   0:00.63 apache2
     8313 www-data  15   0  233m  14m 5612 S    0  0.5   0:00.32 apache2
     8437 www-data  15   0  233m  14m 5544 S    0  0.5   0:00.05 apache2
     8451 www-data  15   0  232m  14m 5400 S    0  0.5   0:00.03 apache2
     8452 www-data  15   0  230m  12m 4340 S    0  0.4   0:00.04 apache2
     8456 www-data  15   0  232m  14m 5092 S    0  0.5   0:00.01 apache2
    and in the bottom bar of the browser appears "Waiting for domain XXX", after waiting > 5-6 secs everything comes at ones... On the old server when i browse the i should not wait more than 1 sec...

    I am very confused, where should i look for the problem, it is very unpleasant because the site is live on the new server and users complain that its pretty much slower than on the old server.
    Please help!


    p/s access to ISPconfig admin interface via web is not slow, its working perfect
  2. till

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    The load on the new server is low, so I dont think that tuning of the config is a problem.

    Please have a look at the sources of the site that you get in the webbroser. maybe there is some kind of external resource inside that can not be loaded. The problem that you describe occurs for examply when a site tries to load a banner or image or stylesheet from a external URL and this URL is unreachable at the moment.
  3. dimitar

    dimitar New Member

    php fusion and debian etch amd64 problem???

    hi till,

    i have spent a couple of hours on the problem, and i think i figured out partly what is the problem.

    This site is based on a customized version of php fusion.

    First of all i did what you suggested and searched in the code of the site for external links, redirects e.t.c. - there were some external links hardocoded to a 2nd domain which redirects to the current. They were fixed but that didn't helped much at all. I have noticed that when i comment out some included php files (subheader.php and side_left.php included in news.php) the site becomes very fast. Also when i call in the browser directly php files that are not related to subheader.php and side_left.php they load very fast. I have placed some 3rd party php/mysql code in the web root and is works again without any problems... Then i thought that maybe an update of php-fusion will help, but the owners of the site said that it will be very hard for them because its customized, so they decided to move back to the old server until the problem on the new gets fixed.
    The new server is a complete mirror of the old one (including the smallest config) except the architecture...

    I am thinking about now of installing xdebug on the server and debud php-fusion
    Probably an i386 chroot on the server will give me some more information if its a kernel, distro architecture or cpu problem

    anyway its an odd story...
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