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Discussion in 'General' started by DarkBen, May 12, 2006.

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    i have a problem on my last ISPConfig server (2.2.2 Debain 3.1 perfect setup). I have several clients which have mails adresses on 2 differents servers. On the first one they have mail adresses and on the second one they have their sites (I will migrate mail adresses on the second one this summer). They use SPIP and newsletters functionnality but they can't send the newsletter because of Postfix treats their addresses as local addresses. I tried to comment the lines where are the domains in /etc/postfix/local-hosts-names and it was ok but this morning my file is uncommented. Is ISPConfig rewrites the /etc/postfix/local-hosts-names when i create a new site ? Or has it a cron that corrects the file ? How can i proceed for authorize the sending of these mails ? Thanks a lot for your help !
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    You must set "External Mailserver" for these domains in ISPConfig, then ISPConfig won't write them to the Postfix configuration.
    For the main domain of a web site it's on the "Options" tab, and for the Co-Domains it's under Co-Domains.
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    Thanks a lot, i'm going to change my glasses :)

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