Slave DNS has a extra record in the zone

Discussion in 'General' started by andresgt2000, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Hi everyone

    I have a curious case... maybe.

    I have two dns in my ISPConfig (3.0) infraestructure one is master and the other ofcourse is the slave.

    Today I solved one error of serial inconstense in one of my zones dns, but I note that the pri file of the zone of the slave server had one record that not exist in the master server. In the DNS interface from the panel the record is not show.

    If I delete the extra record from the file zone of the server manually (vim, nano, emac etc) and reboot the bind service the problem is corrected but if I made a change in the panel interface the extra record is recreated again.

    The problem of course is that in the nds_rr table of the slave server have and extra record and that not exists in the master server. A replication error or something like that.

    How can I solve this?

    Can I delete manually the extra record of the slave server?
    If I do this the ispconfig could be broken?
    Exists another method to resolve this?

    Thankyou for your answers!!!
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  2. till

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    Delete the record in the database. Please note, if your system is not a mirror system and if its a mirror system and you did not ensure that the interface of the second server connects to the first masterdatabase, then you ma not login to the ispconfig interface on the second server at all or you will break the system and replication which might result in such inconsistencies.
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  3. andresgt2000

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    Hi Till

    The slave server is a mirror of the master and every change that I do in the master are replicated in slave. This extra record is a mistery.

    I am go to make a full backup and delete the record.

    Thank your help Till, as always you are the best!!!!

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