Slave server changes not synced to master server

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    I'm having the following setup:
    server01.domain.tld - ispconfig master server (webserver, mailserver, databaseserver)
    server02.domain.tld - ispconfig slave server (webserver)

    Both servers are Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS with ISPConfig
    Both servers were set-up using the "Perfect Server (nginx, BIND, MySQL, PHP, Postfix, Dovecot and ISPConfig 3)" tutorial.

    I'm having the following problem:
    If I create (for example) users or websites on my main server (server01.domain.tld) these changes are correctly synced to the slave server.
    As the slave server also has a control panel GUI, I'm able to create websites etc. for this server "locally".
    Only, when I (for example) create a website on the slave server (server02.domain.tld) these website and all other changes are not syned to the master server.

    Is this normal behavior? At the moment this means I always have to make every change using the master server (which means the slave server GUI is more or less unusable)
    If it's not normal behavior -> What could I have done (or what could have went) wrong during installation/configuration? How can I solve the sync from slave to master without losing data?

    If I look into the ispconfig configuration file on the slave server I find a correct reference to the master server (hostname) and the hostname is correctly mapped to the ip-address of the master server in the /etc/hosts file.
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