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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by nhybgtvfr, Jun 16, 2016.

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    i'm running a multi-server setup, with multiple web servers, i've not installed postfix on the webservers, (they do have the sendmail binary).
    there is a dedicated ispconfig member postfix server for users to use for mail.
    i want another postfix server, not necessarily with ispconfig installed, listening to the local network only, and sending out mail it receives from any of the webservers.
    i don't want any external mail into this mailserver, no mailboxes, user logins, etc, it's purely to send out mail generated by the websites.
    this is so if any sites/forms get abused and start spamming, it doesn't affect our normal user mail service, similarly if any hack installs it's own smtp system, it won't work as connections to external servers on port 25 will be blocked

    i've noticed that a lot of websites have their own folder under /var/www/conf, with their own php.ini, i'm not sure what's modified, or by what, in these files. some seem to have the mail function section modified.
    so now i'm left wondering, what is the best way to ensure that all mail from all existing websites, and any new websites are automatically configured to go through this new dedicated outgoing mailserver?

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    I would install postfix on the webservers. Just add relayhost = [new_mailserver_ip] to the On the new mail server add the ip from the webserver to mynetworks.

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