SOA should be FQDN

Discussion in 'General' started by mbn, May 30, 2006.

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    The form that adds new DNS Zone ask for SOA which should be called FQDN ( fully qualified domain name ).

    That's because The SOA <origin> value suppose to be the domain of the server that hold the master zone.
    And not the new domain name.

    from RFC 1033

    SOA  (Start Of Authority)
               <name>  [<ttl>]  [<class>]  SOA  <origin>  <person>  (
                               <minimum> )
       The Start Of Authority record designates the start of a zone.  The
       zone ends at the next SOA record.
       <name> is the name of the zone.
       <origin> is the name of the host on which the master zone file
       <person> is a mailbox for the person responsible for the zone.  It is
       formatted like a mailing address but the at-sign that normally
       separates the user from the host name is replaced with a dot.

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