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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by andreasli, Sep 16, 2019.

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    I am a little bit new to ispconfig and hope there are someone in this forum that can help me.

    Today i have a manually set up system, but because i have plans to set up a mail server ispconfig seems the be the best option.

    My question is if there are anyone that use SOGO for webmail instead of Roundcube. The reason why i want to use SOGO is that i want to have the ability to use calendar and contacts with my webmail.

    I have tested this guide from the forum, but i can´t get it working.
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  3. andreasli

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    Thank you for your answer.

    What i want to do with the calendar is something similar to nextcloud calendar and contacts, which can sync between multiple devices both on computer and mobile. So i need something that can sync with caldav/carddav.

    I actually took a look at Koolab and it seems to do what i want, but i couldn't get it activated after installation, maybe i was doing something wrong.

    Because i have very little experience with using Roundcube and mail servers are a little bit new to me it could be good with a easy description on how to install and enable a plugin in Roundcube.
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    Hi agan
    I decided to use Roundcube instead of Sogo because Roundcube seems to have better integration with Ispconfig and have a lot of plugins that can be installed.
    I want to install kolab/calendar but the installation process for that plugin seems to be too complicated. I have installed other plugins successfully, but kolab/calendar just wont work. I have tried almost every guide i found on google without any good results.

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