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  1. ubuntuorrin

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    This be the only reason I cannot switch entirely from microsoft (which i hate), anyone aware of what linux distro has had a somewhat successful installation of solidworks ?

    I have read hundreds of threads and havent seen any "how to"'s posted, has anyone come across a how to post that was somewhat succesful with any version of solidworks ?

    Is there any chance that this might work in the near future, seems like wine, vmware, virtual machine are still unable to handle the huge 3d accel needed?
  2. falko

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    I don't know if you can run it using Wine. If that doesn't work, you could install VMware or VirtualBox and run a Windows VM on your Linux computer.
  3. New Member


    You could use cedega. It's designed for gaming in Linux and can handle 3D acceleration quite well. I found that some DirectX games seemed to run faster! It's proprietory though...

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