[SOLVED] ISPConfig on Windows Azure virtual machine

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by azuritetechs, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. azuritetechs

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    ISPconfig needs specific configuration to be installed on a windows Azure virtual machine with Ubuntu server?

    Windows Azure virtual machine needs specific configuration to installs and use ISPConfig?

  2. mmdollar

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    I've used MS VM's and had no problem with ISPConfig there, what is your problem exactly?
  3. azuritetechs

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    I can't send emails to mails from certain hosting services like 1and1.
    And I receive a lot of spam, and the spam filters are on.
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  4. Tuumke

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    You have to enable spamfilter on
    - email domain
    - mailbox
    You could try different levels of spamfilter, i use trigger happy.
    Are you receiving anything as to why you cannot send to 1and1?
    Did you try abything from http://mxtoolbox.com/ to see if there were any issues?
  5. azuritetechs

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    I will try this tool.

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  6. azuritetechs

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    I have installed a new ispconfig installation in a new azure virtual machine. But I can't send emails (using thunderbird) using a mailbox created on the ispconfig panel. Thunderbird shows a SMTP time out error message.

    I opened this ports from the azure panel:
    SSH (TCP/22)
    Custom (TCP/8080)
    FTP (TCP/21)
    HTTP (TCP/80)
    Custom (Any/20)
    DNS (TCP/53)
    IMAP (TCP/143)
    IMAPS (TCP/993)
    DNS (UDP/53)

    SMTP (TCP/25)
    SMTPS (TCP/465)
    Custom (Any/587) (I checked if this port is opened but continues closed)
  7. Tuumke

    Tuumke Active Member

    Here is a list of ports that are used commonly on ISPConfig 3 servers. If you don't have all services installed or if you e.g. don't want to connect to MySQL from external servers, then close the unused or unwanted ports.

    TCP ports

    20 - FTP Data
    21 - FTP Command
    22 - SSH
    25 - Email
    53 - DNS
    80 - HTTP (Webserver)
    110 - POP3 (Email)
    143 -Imap (Email)
    443 - HTTPS (Secure web server)
    993 - IMAPS (Secure Imap)
    995 - POP3S (Secure POP3)
    3306 - MySQL Database server
    8080 - ISPConfig web interface
    8081- ISPConfig apps vhost

    UDP ports

    53 - DNS
    3306 - MySQL

    And there is SMTP/S (465) and submission (587).
  8. azuritetechs

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    Thanks for the info, is very useful.

    The azure viretual machine needs a special configuration to installa and use ispconfig.
  9. Tuumke

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    Not the VM on azure, but the VM Network policy. That's where you start managing your firewall ports. By default, only ssh is allowed. You need to add all the incomming and outgoing ports in the network security group.

    I must say, that auze is pretty expensive when it comes to (small) VM's. ovh.net is much cheaper.

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