(SOLVED) - Lost Access to Web Panel after changing domain

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    Hello guys,

    I come to you requesting a little help, well, the situation is as follows:
    I have created an alias for my website then i went and configured it at the redirect tab this way:
    domain.tl -> www.domain.tld ,which shouldn´t cause any problem but i´m pointing it anyways
    And then i went to the website itself and removed the www, it was www.mysite.com, when i removed the www, it became mysite.com.
    I immediatley lost the access to the web panel, how can i fix this by undoing this changes, i still have ssh access to the server.
    IspConfig version -> 3.1.5
    OS -> Ubuntu 16
    According to htf-common-issues.php the webserver(apache) is Down, but it surely happened after the changes i´ve made.
    After checking mysite.vhost it says:
    # Apache did not start after modifying this vhost file.
    # Please check file /etc/apache2/sites-available/www.mysite.com.vhost.err for syntax errors.
    Well..that doesn´t look good, it seems to me that i have to undo what i have done, but where does it store these confs?or is it at the database?

    If the admins could change the title to solved it would be very good, thank you.
    I found the problem guys, by debugging apache service start with the comand "systemctl status apache2.service" i found what was causing the problem:
    The 900-mysite.com.vhost at sites-enabled had a syntax error which i think it´s a bug because the starting problem was being caused by the following parameters:
    display_errors = on
    log_errors = off
    short_open_tag = on
    At the end of the file, those parameters where inserted by myself by mistake and forgotten there, these parameters are PHP.
    So, if any of you ever run on such problems...well, now we know that wrong parameters are not going to cause any problems, that is until you try to perform some changes at the site.
    Thank you all in advance
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