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  1. maudam

    maudam New Member

    Hi all,
    i need a little help on ispconfig use of custom mail filters.

    My target is:
    for every email on my box sent to "[email protected]"
    send an automated response with subject "Mailbox not active" and text "Write to [email protected]"
    and then DISCARD the message, not deliver to [email protected] mailbox

    I've tried to:
    1) write an autorespond message for vacation: messages are still delivered to [email protected]
    2) create a custom filter (with various variations):
    # Reply at most once a day to a same sender
    :days 1
    :subject "Mailbox not active"
    "Write to [email protected]";

    vacation :days 1
    :subject "Mailbox not active"
    "Vacation v2";

    But cannot achive result.

    On .sieve file in mailbox directory, there is always a keep; directive on the end of file, i think automatically placed by ispconfig.

    Can someone give me advice ?
  2. maudam

    maudam New Member

  3. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Manual chapter Email Mailbox
    Tells about autoresponder, and chapter Content Filter
    about filterIng. Is it really so that neither can be made to do what you want?
  4. maudam

    maudam New Member

    Hi taleman,
    i have read those chapters but i wasn't able to reach my target (send an autoresponse AND delete the mail).
    The ispconfig manual reference to the sieve language http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3028.txt and i wrote the filters as you can see on my first post, but with no luck. Referenze (a) and (b) on my first post.
    I'm looking for some advice on the sieve message filter language applied to ispconfig.

    Thanks for your answer.
  5. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Have you tried
    from "Sieve: A Mail Filtering Language"?
  6. maudam

    maudam New Member

    Yes, even if i in my filter i tried to apply
    4.5. Action discard​
    For some reason i can't understand, the filter won't act as i wish.
    For this i asked here.
  7. maudam

    maudam New Member


    For other's reference:
    Afaik the sieve message filtering language always want a condition to apply the actions.

    so i wrote this script:
    if allof(currentdate :value "ge" "iso8601" "2018-06-22T12:00:00", currentdate :value "le" "iso8601" "2028-12-22T23:25:00") {
    vacation  :days 1
      :subject "This mailbox is not active"
      :addresses ["[email protected]"]
      "This mailbox is not active.
    Please write any further mail to: [email protected]
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