[SOLVED] Multiserver - missing cron per website and web backup

Discussion in 'General' started by c3n, Jun 8, 2017.

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    My setup is multiserver latest ISPconfig, debian 8.
    htf-common-issues.php --> nothing wrong on problematic ISP
    running manually server.sh --> nothing wrong on problematic ISP
    main.com --> panel [VPS1]
    domain2.com --> [VPS2 - client2] with ISPconf connected and managed from main.com
    domain3.com--> [VPS3 - client3] with ISPconf connected and managed from main.com​
    I got about 20 VPS servers running in KVM multiserver ISPconfig, one client = one VPS -- everything works like a charm... but few days ago I noticed strange behaviour... propably the problem comes because I changed the client login for ISPconfig user pinned to VPS server and when I add from main.com ISP PANEL new website, mysql, domains, mail etc. everything is OK and appears on dedicated VPS but two things are missing:
    1) when I setup backup website only MYSQL is backuped and web backup is missing... its clean install without any modifications so chmod/chown is OK. I tried to change root and zip user.
    2) when I setup cron job for website it is shown in main.com panel as pinned to domain2.com [VPS2] but it is not triggered on that server, its missing in /etc/cron.d
    so most of settings made for domain/website in IPS panel appears on serwer domain2.com except cron and web backup
    This problem affects my 4 servers and I double-checked server config, cron settings so they are the same as on servers where web backup is OK and cron for web is OK. There is 30% free space...
    I think that in 3 servers it can be connected with user login change - because it is only thing that was changed...
    On one server nothing changed.
    Any thoughts how to fix it?
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  2. c3n

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    source of the problem is changing user login. After creating server I made for example
    somelogin01 and connect this user with server via limit settings
    after several months I change somelogin01 to differentlogin12
    Now I;ve read a lot about the problem but dont know how to fix it correctly without removing user and recreating it again with all websites on that server. I run:
    'www-data' is a member of the 'client13' group in /etc/group but not in /etc/gshadow
    can I fix it manually without breaking ISPconfig setup? It is huge problem for me because I cannot setup cron jobs for large websites and also cannot make automatic backup using ISPconfig tool.
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    on multiserver setup check dbispconfig on main and slave and You will see that WEB_DOMAIN table on main server has all records for server / user and slave does not or records differ from main. CREATE BACKUP before... on slave and master. In my case I had to export records dbispconfig/WEB_DOMAIN for that client from MAIN server (on my setup client = one dedicated VPS)... You can sort them via sys_groupid
    delete broken records on SLAVE and import records.
    You will see that all broken cronjobs or missing backup will work correctly.

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