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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by inka, Jan 28, 2024.

  1. inka

    inka Member

    Hi, the recent rspamd update on ubuntu 22.04 introduced some change to rspamd and my non public ip hosts emails end up in junk.
    Failed finding a solution so far.
    What is the ispconfig3 way to wl such an email?
  2. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    ISPConfig Panel | E-mail tab | Server settings | Postfix Whitelist.
    Did you examine rspamd GUI why those e-mails end up in junk? Is it your email client (thunderbird or some such) that puts the e-mails to Junk folder?
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  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You must use the Spamfilter wgitelist in ISPConfig, the Postfix Whitelist is only the counterpart of the Postfix Blacklist, so it does not affect Rspamd. As @Taleman mentioned, instead of whitelisting addresses, better try to find out with the Rspamd GUI why these mails get marked as spam and try to sort that out.
  4. inka

    inka Member

    This happened after rspamd update, why i dont think it's a Thunderbird problem, i also send myself a gazlilion of this mails during tests and marked them all as non spam but nothing helped so far.
    I could give it a test with another mail program tomorrow and see if Thunderbird is really involved here, wouldn't even know how to make Thunderbird accept these emails. Do we have an up to date explainer / config for ispconfig3.1 with rspamd and Thunderbird somewhere?

    I tried both whitelists but that only helped for the server with public ip.

    BAYES_SPAM (5.053266) [99.88%]
    MISSING_MID (2.5)
    MIME_GOOD (-0.1) [text/plain]
    DKIM_SIGNED (0) [mydomainX.com:s=default]
    ARC_NA (0)
    RCVD_COUNT_ONE (0) [1]
    RCPT_COUNT_ONE (0) [1]
    MIME_TRACE (0) [0:+]
    FROM_HAS_DN (0)
    TO_DN_NONE (0)
    RCVD_TLS_ALL (0) 

    Never spend much time in learning how spam is handled or has evolved over the years, it worked and this is more of a private mail server.
    Sending crude mail via ssmtp and mailx.
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Ok, so the spam score is caused by bayes (self learning filter) and MISSING_MID, which means message ID is missing, which is quite unusual and therefore a spam signal. So maybe the script you use to send emails is not doing this properly, as it should set a message id.

    And regarding payes filter, it means your system has learned that the content of this message is spam. If this was a test message and not a regular email, then this can be caused by the nature of being a test message, as testing the filter is often identified as spam due to the way you test it.
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  6. inka

    inka Member

    GM, yeah wasn't sure how to get that uuid generated/included, i believe ssmtp doesn't do that it self.
    Anyways, was long time overdue to move away from ssmtp.conf, installed neomutt.
    For those interested follow ArchWiki for mutt / neomutt setup replace gmail with your ispconfig data.
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  7. inka

    inka Member

    sigh, first went through, now the rest all lands in junk folder >.<
  8. inka

    inka Member

    think i found the culprit, testing further if all caps in subject was the cause

    Looks like that was it, neomutt sends message-id and bad part was
    BAYES_SPAM (5.090872) [99.97%]
    SUBJ_ALL_CAPS (1.425) [19]
    MIME_GOOD (-0.1) [text/plain]
    removed caps from subject mails and voila,
     BAYES_SPAM (5.088958) [99.97%]
    MIME_GOOD (-0.1) [text/plain]
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