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Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions' started by domino, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. domino

    domino New Member

    How about a [Solved] tag at the beginning of Title when a problem is fixed/solved. So that everyone searching knows that there is a fix? Maybe also close the help thread when a problem is fixed/solved?
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Thats a possible solution, or we start with a FAQ that handles some of the common problems like the maildir / mailbox question?
  3. linuxfast

    linuxfast New Member

    i think it could be a good idea....
    I saw on another forum once that any posts made in a particular section allowed the poster to close off the post if someone satisfied his query/solved his problem.
    He was also able to select from the replys, which user gave the most help, which in turn increased that users points (respect points or something like that).
    It worked well and was a small incentive to get people posting/helping
    It may already be a recognised vbulletin contrib, I don't know
    Of course it could turn into a competition between Falko and till ! :D

    (incidentally, don't you two sleep ever ??? not together of course :p , I meant you always seem to be online !)

    Looking at the forum at the moment, posts get viewed a lot, there was 123 people online at one point, but very few people seem to take an active part in the community.
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  4. domino

    domino New Member

    Yea, A knowledge base is very nice and I think it will drop repetitive posting which will drop your bandwidth cost. If things keep going like this, in 6 or 7 months, this board will be busy. :)

    Yes, I see that on many boards for help and request forums. ;)

    I'm in Asia, so you might think I dint sleep. But I do get 6 to 8 hrs sleep every day :p. I try to help up to my capacity because I think the devs are doing a wonderful thing in the free software sector. Not many are as helpful as Falko and Till about a free application. I also try to support other devs in testing and fine tuning there beta and alpha apps. Especially in the Pocket PC sector.

    To me, that is a good sign. That means people are able to solve there own problems without having to post it.

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