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    We've recently installed ISPConfig Version: 3.1.2 with Nginx on Debian Jessie and we're having an weird issue. We've created the client, added the domain and then created the website...

    Now it seems that the client is not able to change the PHP version (however the versions are showing up in the dropbox menu). When clicking on "Save", no job is queueing and nothing happens. By default, no PHP version is shown.

    As admin, everything works as expected, and the PHP versions changes are made correctly. Is it a bug ?
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    I've done the same, but created the website AS the client, and it seems to work. I guess, there is some "permissions" issues in case the website was setup as being admin, and then is not editable by the customer itself ? Thanks again.
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    Thank you for your reply, indeed, we've made the changes in the ISPConfig DB meanwhile they implement this feature request, and now it works correctly :)

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