Something bad with quotas...

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by SkIRmiS, Sep 30, 2005.

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    Something bad is going on with quotas managment ar reporting system:/

    received mail:


    Group: web19
    Used Storage Space: 157.14 MB
    Allocated Storage Space: 100.00 MB
    Web Site: www.domain.tld ( changed )


    On shell, web 19 dir size is: 93.33 mb


    ISPconfig, on Site Statistic is showing:

    Storage space: 100 MB
    used: 1.10M

    /web 144K
    /user 864K
    /log 20K
    /cgi-bin 4.0K
    /ssl 4.0K
    /phptmp 4.0K

    repquota -avug | grep web19
    web19 -- 160764 102400 102400 828 0 0

    repqouta is showing correct size. But why shell is showing only 93 mb? And why ISPconfig panel shows only 1 mb used ?


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