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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by raicabogdan, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. raicabogdan

    raicabogdan New Member

    I have a problem with my server, since 2 days, I received 2 emails, one per day with a spam message.

    Here is the source message:

    Now I know that this message is flagged as a spam, but I want to know, is it possible that this user is sending spam emails to other people or are the emails not sent and I just receive the report of that message.

    Kind regards.
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  2. falko

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    Are you sure that the email originated from your server? Spammers can use any sender address they want, so if the FROM line contains email addresses from your server, this doesn't mean that the mails was sent from your server.
  3. raicabogdan

    raicabogdan New Member

    Hi, I am not really sure about this.
    I have set the root login to always email me, so I know all the time when someone is logged in.

    Also, I have searched all the apache logs for the IP in the source email but I haven't found anything.

    Can this really be sent from a spamer without accesing my server ? Also, from ISPconfig I have disabled CGI option. I'm using php as cgi, but the checkbox for cgi is unchecked.

    Can this solve my problem ?

  4. raicabogdan

    raicabogdan New Member

    Sorry for double posting,
    I am sure that the emails are sent from my server. Here is what I found from the mail log.

    How can I block these connection and can someone explain what is happening ?

    Kind regards.

    Later Edit:

    I had a quick look at the Spamfilter policy and it was a bit off.
    I had SPAM kill level at 50 now changed to 5. I'm not really sure how was that possible but still, 50 I think is a bit much...
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