Spam mails get discarded instead of moved

Discussion in 'General' started by t0rzz, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. t0rzz

    t0rzz New Member

    I've recently checked the option to "Move spam mails to the junk folder" but it's not working at all.
    I've tested the spam filter by using the GTUBE string. Spam gets recognized and instantly deleted.
    I'd like to receive it in the "Junk" folder in order to check if it's a false positive.
    Googled everywhere and for a long time. Checked all config files. I ended up reinstalling SpamAssassin and Amavis, but the result is always the same:
    Jun 21 14:13:06 serv amavis[23605]: (23605-01) Blocked SPAM {DiscardedInbound}, []:34770 [] <***@***.com> -> <***@***.org>, Queue-ID: 586F92500D19, Message-ID: <CAE6-5mQYCcBUVD=RMOdty=rnBT=8Y0_LnY-=FA22t-Hy4GNMpw@***.com>, mail_id: NCowpROKbU-g, Hits: 999.903, size: 2672, dkim_sd=20161025:***.com, 553 ms

    Thanks to everyone for your precious time.

    Some server info: ISPConfig 3.1.4, installed via the Perfect Guide for Debian 8.4 with apache-bind-dovecot.
  2. florian030

    florian030 Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Hits: 999.903 - adjust the kill-levels to receive mails with such a high score.
  3. t0rzz

    t0rzz New Member

    I’m voting you for president.
    The kill level was the problem, I wonder how couldn’t I think about it.

    Thank you!

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