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  1. heyp

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    i want to create a folder "SPAM" for each user automatically (when the mailbox is created) and all e-mails which are labeled as ***SPAM*** will move into this folder.

    Any ideas? I've already searched but didn't find anything.

  2. till

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    The Maildirs where currently created by postfix, when the first email arrives. I think the following modifications in the ISPConfig sources will be nescessary:

    1) Create the maildir when the useraccount is created.
    2) Add the spam folder inside the maildir.
    3) Change the procmail recipe that taggs / deletes the spam, so that spam emails where delivered in the spam folder instead.

    4) Optional: Write a script that runs as nightly cronjob, to delete messages that are older then X days from the spam folder.
  3. heyp

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    Ok, where do i begin?
  4. falko

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