spamfilter antivirus tab is gone

Discussion in 'General' started by rdells, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. rdells

    rdells New Member

    FC4 perfect setup, quota not installed, ssh is turned off(too many crackers!).

    ISPConfig "Spamfilter & Antivirus" tab is gone from the email setup.

    I restarted ispconfig_server, restart was fine. I have not re-booted the machine.

    Any Ideas why the tab would just dissappear?

  2. rdells

    rdells New Member

    My Mistake!

    I found a box I had un-checked under:
    Management, Server, Settings, Email.

    HOWEVER! it would be nice if antivirus option remained intact when box is unchecked.

    All is great except my system(s) still overload and do a real heavy (almost damaging) crash with spamassin enabled.


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