SpamSnake does not relay .info domains

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by ExotekSolutions, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. ExotekSolutions

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    The relay for my .com and .net domains work perfectly on the spamsnake installation (thx for that guide btw). Bu when i try with .info it stucks at the outbound queue. and th error message i have in log is :

    postfix/qmgr[5383]: warning: connect to transport smtp []: No such file or directory

    But it is the sma transports comfiguration as the other domains wich works great...

    I think i have verified that all domains are configured equally as the have been all configured at the same time.

    Edit: in the mailwatch web interface i got that message in outbound queue:

    ECAC182AB 1728 Fri Jun 13 10:05:51 [email protected]
    (mail transport unavailable)
    [email protected]

    Help would be greatly appreciated ;)
    Exotek Solutions
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  2. Rocky

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    What do you have for your other transport settings?
  3. ExotekSolutions

    ExotekSolutions New Member

    other transports


    I have 5 other domains configured with the same transport (wich is the exchange server)

    BTW it is a second network interface

    mail comes in from NIC1 (192.168.24.*) and relayed to exchange from NIC2 (192.168.17.*).

    Thanks for the help
  4. Rocky

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    Please verify that you have the following in your transport file: smtp:[]
  5. ExotekSolutions

    ExotekSolutions New Member


    you know what, i forgot the : between smtp and IP... damn typo errors,

    sorry about that, ill always read two times my config files as of now...

    But since then, gateway works like a charm !

    Thx a lot !

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