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    Can you say how that to me walks this system "SPF Record", for step being idiot?

    Is me to say how that functions, if that says to you to help me.

    Yours sincerely

    MM ;)
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    This has really helped. Now just to be on the safe side, all I need to do is set the SPF record for the hoster's site (eg. www.mylastname.dom) and just add hosted sites to the MX parameter?

    Or should I also set up the SPF record for all the sites that I host?
  4. falko

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    Set up an SPF record for every single domain that is used for email and for which you run the authoritative name servers.
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    external spam server


    I have a question regarding SPF records.

    Their is a company who filters all mail to remove spam (has the 1st MX record), and then forwards it to the ISPConfig server for our customer.

    Is it possible to setup ISPConfig (SPF record) so that it can only receive mail
    from this external company? It only has to be done for that customer only.
    For all the other customers we rely on spamassasin :)

    Thanx so far,

    Tim Roijers

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