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    The setup ISPconfig - Debian - BIND as DNS - 2 Blocks of IPS

    My server is called mws.mydomainname.com
    My PTR record is in place with my ISP and pointing back to mws.mydomainname.com

    I have added the TXT SPF record to the DNS of mydomainname.com like this
    (NAME) - mws (DATA) - v=spf1 ip4:"My IP Address"/29 -all

    /29 because I have 2 Blocks of statics and may want to use any one of them in the future as an additional mail server.

    My question is.. Will my other domains take on this SPF record as their MX records point to mws.mydomainname.com ??

    If not how do I do it? Im sure I don't have to add an SPF to all of the 100 domains I hold DNS for.
    If it is the case that I do add to each DNS record could I put this in the DNS template to auto create when a new domain is added.

    Thanks in advance
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    You allow every server with an ipv4 in your subnet to send mails for the domain. The receiver should not check your mx-records with the spf-check because you don´t have mx in your spf-record.
    Every domains needs a spf-record if the receiver should check the spf-settings. It would configure the other domains in this way:
    v=spf1 mx all
    mx-record that points to mx.yourdomain.com

    and in yourdomain.com a-records for mx.yourdomain. com with the 6 ips.

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