Split Setup Services (MySQL, Mail, ...) On Different Servers

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Tube, Jun 9, 2010.

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    I am totaly new to ISP Config but what i've seen so far is really fantastic. Before i start with my own test setup i would like to take my chance and ask a few questions about ISP Config and how to accomplish this setup i have in mind.

    Since ISPC 3 can manage serval servers from one interface, i like to split it up from the beginning. I would like to have one server that only runs my interface on port 80 as a website like "http://control.domain.com" so anyone can access it very easy.

    Now i would like to setup 2 web-, 1 MySQL- and 1 Server that provides all the E-Mail and DNS stuff. Of course all the services on it's own hardware (Web(s), MySQL and DNS + E-Mail).

    So far i am not sure if ISPC 3 is supporting all my "dreams". I just found some info about how to add another server but not how to split up like i would prefer.

    Any chance you guys could post me some details about how or if it is even possible?

  2. till

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    Splitting up all the services is supported by ispconfig. The installer asks you which services shall be configured when you select expert mode during install. be aware that you have to run a local mysql server on every server, thats a requirement from ispconfig as it mirrors its own database to the nodes to get a better performance.
  3. Tube

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    Thanks for your fast reply!

    So local MySQL means one single SQL server on every single machine with access only for localhost/ or is a connection between the "control" server and all other installed MySQL needed?

    Basicly i install lets say a new Debian 5.0.4, install all the E-Mail Modules, Bind and the MySQL server and ISPC in expert mode and only configure E-Mail & DNS services for this installation?

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