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    Hi all,

    I've got what might be a bit of a unique situation here. I currently use a "perfect setup - debian sarge 3.1" setup for my server, however, I need to spilt off and use a windows based server for http due to some development work I'm doing.

    I have an account at ZoneEdit where I point all my domains to this debian server. And I thought I would simply point my core domain to the windows server and then leave mail.xx.xx and add a new subdomain (ie go.xx.xx) pointing to the debian server.

    So now I use the following to get to the boxes;

    xx.xx goes to windows server
    go.xx.xx goes to linux server

    This works to some degree however, I run Group-Office on the linux box and whenever I type in go.xx.xx/go it automatically changes the url to www.xx.xx. I talked with the Group-Office developer and he said that GO is not doing any redirections and that apache must be improperly configure.

    Any suggestions on how I can make this work?

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    Got it figured out.

    In ISPConfig I need to select the domain that I need to edit and select "Co-Domains". The main entry in there has a blank host field. So I added www2 in that field and saved it.

    Next I added a new co-domain entry and I set the host field to "go".

    I then went to the "forward" tab of this domain and forwarded it to the "go" folder which is where my Group-Office is installed.

    So at this point if I type go.xxx.xxx it forwards me to http://www2.xxx.xxx/go

    Hope this helps someone else out.


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