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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by SkIRmiS, Oct 1, 2005.

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    I'm using squirellmail, everythings works fine, but I have one question. When new user is sending email to someone from squirellmail, in received email header "mail from" are default user name and default domain.tld ( the main ISPconfig domain name) not the domain he owns. It's ok he could to change this in Squirellmail Options meniu -> personal data "mail from" box. But when I was using squirellmail with postfix and mysql virtual user table, default login was [email protected] and "mail from" was his [email protected]. How to do change something,that default "mail from" would be [email protected], not the main ISPconfig domain.tld name. Maybe, someone has the solution for this?

    Thanks in advice
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    I am interested in this as well. Squirellmail seems to be working perfectly besides that it doesn't automatically grab the users information for their domain.

    Forgot to add, that i'm using the default package from the downloads section of the ispconfig website.

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    You can read the virtusertable file with squirrelmail. There are some posts about this in the tips & Tricks forum.

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