SquirrellMail no Sent, Out, and Trash folders

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Mr. Print, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Mr. Print

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    Installed SquirrellMail pkg from download at ISPConfig site via of the update manager inside ISPConfig. It only contains one folder the In Box. Have searched this forum for the solution, at one place it mentions a plugin, but nothing futher. Can anyone give instruction on how to have SquirrellMail show the Out, Sent and Trash Folders. I reviewed several threads of people asking the same question.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mr. Print

    Mr. Print New Member

    Well, after Googling I have discovered that to create the Drafts, Sent and Trash folders. That you just go to the folders menu in SquirrelMail and create those folders under the Inbox, this is really not an error in SquirrelMail but rather an inconvenience, I'm sure someone knows how to configure SquirrelMail so that the creation of email accounts would have these settings by default.

    Hopefully someone will share that with us. On a final note you must select and enter your personal information and email address for mail to be sent from <[email protected]> rather than [email protected]
  3. till

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    Run the squirrelmail conf.pl script, there you can configure which folders shall be created by squirrelmail.
  4. Mr. Print

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    Till, I'm afraid that I have messed this up. I didn't make a backup first. Can you tell me how to set things back to default. Inbox works, however, nothing appears in the draft, sent, and trash folders, the folders are there, if I save something in drafts it doesn't appear there, the same thing with sent and trash, Here is what is at running config.pl

    Folder Defaults
    1. Default Folder Prefix :
    2. Show Folder Prefix Option : false
    3. Trash Folder : trash
    4. Sent Folder : sent
    5. Drafts Folder : drafts
    6. By default, move to trash : true
    7. By default, move to sent : true
    8. By default, save as draft : true
    9. List Special Folders First : true
    10. Show Special Folders Color : true
    11. Auto Expunge : true
    12. Default Sub. of INBOX : true
    13. Show 'Contain Sub.' Option : false
    14. Default Unseen Notify : 2
    15. Default Unseen Type : 1
    16. Auto Create Special Folders : false
    17. Folder Delete Bypasses Trash : false
    18. Enable /NoSelect folder fix : false

    R Return to Main Menu
    C Turn color on
    S Save data
    Q Quit

    Command >>

    Thanks in advance
  5. Mr. Print

    Mr. Print New Member

    Can I re-install over the squirrelMail.pkg to get back the original config file?

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