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  1. Akhilleus

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    Hello , I'm using GCP and I wanna use 20 gb SSD for database and OS , and other 200 gb for the heavy storage .
    1) Can I customize where the FTP folder gonna be installed on the system (while installing ISPconfig ?
    2) In case I install everything on the SSD , and I'm running out of storage , can I add HHD with the SSD and make them work together ? ( I'm running ubuntu server )
    I know this can be done somehow with LVM but as far as I've seen , google doesn't provide me that .

    Is there anyway ?
    Thanks for the answer :)
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  2. till

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    Mount your 200GB hard disk as /var/www directory.
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  3. adamjedgar

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    GCP are cloud server environment., you can expand drives on the fly anytime you want to. It's simple to do, I have had servers on GCP.

    Btw Vultr are less than half the price and email doesn't have restrictions that require outgoing mail to use a relay ...which Google enforces on GCP and is a pain.
  4. Akhilleus

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    @adamjedgar I wasn't asking about how to add disks . Just read my question , it's about profit . I don't like Vultr ( overrated )
  5. Taleman

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    Oh yes you are:
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