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    Dear all,

    as a root, my ssh terminal displays colors, but not as any of my others users (ssh users created with ispconfig), but I would like to have colors for all my users.
    I took my chance to do it by myself from various post and tuto but I'm stuck.

    - I tried to edit the
    file by adding
    in various place
    - I tried to copy the previous bashrc file in my home folder as there were none
    but it didin't work

    - I looked for the a file or folder
    but couldn't find it
    but couldn't find it

    - I've seen I could use dconf or gconftool to define my colors
    but I want to use the same one as root, they are just fine, or any other set of color, I would prefer something consistent rather than random and confusing choice made by myself

    - I've tried to use
    ls --color=always
    it indeed display the result in color, but only once...

    any help?

    thank's in advance guys

    ps my config :
    ubuntu server 16.04
    ssh client created with ispconfig
    terminal used : terminal app in mac os x, and coda

    ps 2 : I've logged out and in between every change...
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  2. sjau

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    I have this in my .bashrc on my debian server:
    export LS_OPTIONS='--human --color=always'

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