SSH connection refused after updates and reboot

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tjbcham, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. tjbcham

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    Locked out with SSH from server after update ISPConfig to latest version and updating Debian Jessie and suggested by the messages from ISPconfig and rebooted.
    No websites came backup after reboot but can ping the server.
    I can get to the server with host's Ubuntu Rescue via SSH, however at a loss what to do after mounting the boot disk. Logs don't appear to show anything as the last log entries are from the reboot.
    There was an SSL certs problem after the updates, which was trying to fix before the server went dead and I decided to reboot.
    Any docs or pointers as to what to check to get server back by using the Rescue mode?
  2. tjbcham

    tjbcham Member

    As no logs get written other than wtmp it looks like the boot config is broken perhaps due to a failed kernel update?
  3. tjbcham

    tjbcham Member

    I have got a KVM and managed to log on , however the updates seem to have broken the network, there does not seem to be an ip address for the server now. Can this be done manually, or is there a way to reinstall the server without losing the ISPconfig, mysql databses and websites?
  4. tjbcham

    tjbcham Member

    Ok, still no idea of the cause of the problem, but network was brought up with
    ifup eth0
    and server is back up and running with SSH and websites.
  5. gexacor

    gexacor New Member

    Have similar problem few months, the problem was with update scripts.
    In my case it was a dedicated server with KVM and I was able to login using good old keyboard and fix it in the matter of minutes.
    Didn't found much in the logs too.

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