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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jbart, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. jbart

    jbart New Member


    I am trying to create a SSL cert for one of my website.
    As asked, the ISP logs file is attached to this post.

    Actually, I got one cert working for one website.
    I checked SSL & Let's Encrypt checkbox, then go to SSL tab, and choose "Create SSL cert".
    After doing this, waited until it's done, and then, did the same, with "Save cert".

    Back to another website , tryed to do the same, without success.
    The creation is done, since I can see data in "SSL Request" && "SSL Certificate", but on website, got the following error.
    "This website can't provide secure connexion". => "ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR"

    Also, checking the console, I got these details.
    And in my SSL domain, I got these files

    So any help would be welcome about this.
    Sorry if I missed something.

    P.S: Nothing to do with topic & issue, but is there an easy way to change the default PHP version?
    Actually under 5.6._, I just force all my website on 7.1._, so I would really prefer set the 7.1._ by default...

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  2. kerrsmith

    kerrsmith Member

    When you want to use Let's Encrypt for a domain you just check the "Let's Encrypt SSL" box on the domain page - you do not need to do anything else. If you are then going on to the SSL page and doing a 'create' and 'save' I think you will be overwriting the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate with a self signed one which is probable why you are getting the error message.
  3. jbart

    jbart New Member


    Without doing this, I didn't got any SSL cert.
    I just need to do the step quted above, or I won't get any working SSL cert.
  4. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    disable SSL altogether.... then just check the Let's Encryp and SSL checkbox. Wait a few minutes and check if it works.
  5. jbart

    jbart New Member

    By disabling all, and then, just checl SSL & Let's Encrypt checkbox, I got the same issue.
    One website is well working with https, 2 others aren't.

    Is there any ways to get logs about this, or see what/where it's wrong?
  6. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    There should be logs for letsencrypt. Did you wait after disabling for new configs to be written? If not, disable again. Wait for configs to be written. Check your /var/www/domain.tld/ssl folder if there are certs remaining.
  7. jbart

    jbart New Member


    By "waiting new configs to be written", do you mean, wait until the CP notification desapear?
    If yes, yup, I did.

    I'm gonna check on a new domain.
    After that, same test, on a production domain, see if there are some changes.

    Also, when disabling SSL, all files in /var/www/domain.tld/ssl folder should be deleted? (so folder should be empty?)
  8. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    I think it should be empty, but not sure really.
  9. jbart

    jbart New Member

    No changes with manipulation quoted above.
    My SSL dir isn't empty, still got files from previous cert.
    Also, got files in /etc/letsencrypt/live/domaine.tld/, which link to /etc/letsencrypt/archive/domaine.tld

    At this point, I don't want to break the system.
    Should I remove all file in these folder, and then, untick, wait, and tick again SSL & Let's Encrypt?
    • /etc/letsencrypt/live/domaine.tld/
    • /etc/letsencrypt/archive/domaine.tld/
    • /var/www/domaine.tld/ssl/

    EDIT: Tested on an old domain. Doesn't work / do anything, even if I try create SSL again, by ticking checkboxes.

    I deleted the website through CP, and created it again. (create + ticked SSL & Let's Encrypt)
    Domain is working, but SSL isn't.
    Also, no files have been created in my /var/www/domaine.tld/ssl/ folder.

    So I tryed throught SSL tab, "Load details", and then, create cert.
    Not working, and didn't create file in the SSL dir.

    I'm just a bit lost.
    Seems I've made some mistake, but I don't get, now, what to do to correct them.
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  10. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    no idea either, sorry
  11. jbart

    jbart New Member


    Just an update, as I tryed to create another domaine, and then, after creation, tick SSL & Let's Encrypt.
    And got the same error.

    Maybe @till got an idea about it, or what I did wrong?
  12. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

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