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  1. For a given website, when I enable ssl and letsencrypt, ispconfig shows that it will update the configuration, but when I open the configuration right away, it is disabled.

    Does anyone have any clue as to what it could be?
    SNI is enabled.
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    ISPConfig has it's own port 8080, so it is not affected by a website SSL cert which uses port 443.
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  4. I changed to make ispconfig work on proto 443
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    Ok. In this case you probably selected a wrong value in the IPv4 field of the website. when you mix * and IPv4 addresses on the server, then all sites that use * will become inaccessible. Remove the symlink to the website vhost in the apache or Nginx sites-enabled config directory, restart the web server, login to ISPConfig and correct that setting and press save.

    And you have seen now why we have chosen to not use port 443 for ISPConfig, because when you do that, you lose access to the control panel in case you misconfigure a website and you can not undo that easily due to the lost panel access.
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  6. I managed to solve it by changing the value * to the IP of the local server. Thank you always for helping.

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