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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by carpman, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. carpman

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    Hi, ok i have had to move to a new server with fresh install of ISPconfig, old server has been migrated over with migration script.

    So with new install it is time sort out ssl certs, the server mainly hosts my own site with a couple for other people.

    I have looked at the guide

    It says to use class 2 cert if you want to use different hostnames for your services.

    Now the thing is i have a comodo ssl reseller account left over from when i was thinking about doing some hosting, they don't give refunds on any balance you have in your account so have had cash sitting there for a few years. I might as well use it for my server.

    The question is which of their ssl certs would be the equivalent of class2 from startssl?

  2. sjau

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    if you run ISPConfig 3.1 you can easily get SSL certs from Let's Enrypt. They'll just be 1 checkbox away.

    You can get for each domain you has a free SSL cert that will also be auto-renewed.
  3. carpman

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    does this work with the ISPconfig interface, mail server, pureftp etc?

    Looking for a solution for this?

  4. sjau

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