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  1. Gustavo Arantes

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    Hya, i can acess some pages like roundcube using http but when i go https i give me this error:
    idk why it's happening, i've tried a lot of tutorials but i just can't fix it.
    Theres no let's encrypt cert yet and i wanna put one after.

    also i can see the ISP login page using "https:// mydomain,com;8080" but i can't login, i type the information and the page just reload.
    I can login using the ip adress.

    I've the name servers setup on my registrar to my ip (i only have one dedicated ip adress).

    Another thing is, i've to buy some extra ip for using my domain as my main website? and setup everything again on another domain?

    i setup using "" but i can see the ISP login page using just "mydomain,com;8080".

    Thanks, sorry for being stupi if i did. And also sorry for my english if i typed something wrong.

    the , and ; its cuz i can't use domains here, and thats not a domain, just an example.
  2. Taleman

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    Try Internet search engines with
  3. ahrasis

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    ISPConfig is fine with one ip, even a dynamic one. Just check your steps in the tutorial that you followed, you should be fine.

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