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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by pebkac, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Hey all, I'm posting this just to see if anyone has any other ideas I can look at. Long story short, I have the Ubuntu 8.10 perfect server installed, everything works great. Yesterday I upgraded ispconfig to 2.2.30, seems to be all good. The issue I have is this. I'm temporarily hosting mail for one of my customers, it has been working great. Now today I hooked up their new DSL with Verizon and they get 7megs down and 1 up. When I try and get email from there it takes forever, it is very slow. So I go to access my website which is hosted on the same server and try and download a large iso file I have on there and it crawls, and I mean crawls at like 900bytes/sec. So I start thinking their is a problem with there router, switch..etc. So I reboot it all and still the same. I can surf the web fine there and get good speed tests from So it is isolated just to my server. Now I logged into one of my other clients via rdp and vnc and try and download the iso and it maxes out my upload. I then setup one of the users email elsewhere and pop it, it flies.

    So all in all the problem is that when they access email or anything on my server it is so slow.

    My setup here is I have an ipcop firewall, and a linksys switch all running on a cable modem. I though something might be wrong with my firewall so I rebooted it and looked through all the logs to see if I can see anything with their IP and there is not. Like I said I can get the files fast from other locations. Here is my speedtest.

    So what could I be missing here? :confused:

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    Sounds like a routing problem between Verizon and Roadrunner.

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